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Hong Kong Protests

China forces new security law on Hong Kong – ‘end of autonomy’

CHINA is planning to imminently impose new national security measures in Hong Kong that will criminalise all acts of “treason, secession, sedition, or subversion”.

The new law could be used as a tool to coerce the citizens of Hong Kong into compliance with the will of the CCP, and ultimately Xi Jinping.

The scope of the draconian legal measure is ambiguous enough to imperil anyone who actively supports the pro democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Legislature Undermined

Hong Kong’s legislature under the leadership of Beijing-backed Carrie Lam was circumvented and China is imposing the new law itself, explicitly dismissing the ‘one party, two systems’ guarantee that the city was given at the end of British rule.

In 2003, during the SARS epidemic, Beijing had attempted to get the Hong Kong Legislative Council to enact Article 23 of the city’s Basic Law, which allows the criminalisation of acts of “treason, secession, sedition, or subversion” against China, this was unsuccessful after the population took to the streets.

But this latest unprecedented move sees China abandon any pretense of the city’s autonomy and can be seen as an aggressive new escalation in the annexation process.

Imprisonment for pro-democracy protesters

Beijing’s law will be utilised to imprison anyone who defies the will of the Hong Kong government and is ultimately targeted at protestors and pro-democracy campaigners.

Lawmakers will add the clauses of the new law directly into Hong Kong’s constitution.

This is to “plug any loopholes” that could aid pro democracy campaigners who challenge the CCP’s annexation of Hong Kong’s autonomy and decimation of the ‘one country two systems’ legal apparatus.

The details of the law will be put into annex 3 of Hong Kong’s basic law. The new law is to be enshrined in the constitution by official proclamation.

Stand with Hong Kong

A spokesperson from grassroots campaign group “Stand with Hong Kong” commented: “Hong Kong is being frog-marched towards a police state. What is left of our legal and political system is being shredded up before our eyes. Any pretence at autonomy is being rapidly undermined. Hongkongers oppose any introduction of laws to criminalise free speech and expression. As a campaign, we will seek to preserve ‘One Country, Two Systems’, which was promised to us in a binding international treaty. As Hongkongers, we will keep fighting to defend our rights and freedoms.

Hong Kong barricades

The spokesperson called on the UK government to act, “before it is too late”.

They added: “We call upon the British Foreign Secretary and the British government to denounce these actions and to hold China to account for this latest fundamental breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, before it is too late.”

The news comes as US Republican senator Ted Cruz declared on the floor of the senate that China is “the most dangerous geopolitical threat” facing the United States today.

The Republican was introducing new legislation targeting China, Hollywood, and Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

Wang Lang

Simultaneously in Beijing, Wang Lang, fourth in line to the Communist Party of China’s seat of power on Thursday in the Great Hall of the People said: “We supported the Hong Kong CPPCC members to give their voices and to avoid violence in Hong Kong and to restore order.

“As to the US Senate and US Congress and their actions, like the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act, we have made solemn statements to refute such lies.”

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