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Woodies NFT creates final character as minting phase gets the chop

Woodies NFT which initially launched in September 2021, showcasing a collection of avatars based on magical trees to help highlight the growing problem of deforestation completed the minting phase of the project today.

Founder Chris Wallace was inspired to put together the Woodies after a joke by top glitch artist Des Lucrece about creating ten thousand wooden planks as an NFT project.

What started as joke shifted to a serious passion as Chris began recruiting world class artists from the UltraDAO art collective to design Woodies, a collection of adorable wooden creatures that possess a Disney like vibe in their design and a high artistic quality not often seen in the plethora of profile picture NFTs.  Each Woodie was designed to be unique and randomly generated from over 150 possible traits.

One of the things that sets Woodies apart from most other projects in the space is its large charitable component.  In keeping with the forest theme, they have worked with tree farmers and have so far donated 88.6 Ethereum (approximately $272,000 at today’s price) to plant one million trees.  They plan to continue donations and see this as a long-term commitment.

In a live twitter spaces event hosted by Chris today, the holders of a Woodies mint passport had a final chance to create their character before the minting contract was turned off.  The exclusive last Woodie ever minted was number 9742.  A jubilant Chris remarked “that final one was solid, green background, green hair, all the buttons, that’s a great one”.

Now the minting phase is over the team have ambitious aims to reward the community.  Future plans on the roadmap include a comic airdrop, a children’s television show, becoming an outdoor brand producing apparel and arranging a series of international events for Woodies holders to attend at nature destinations around the world.

Woodies can still be purchased on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea & LooksRare. With such a strong roadmap many investors are speculating it can break into the top five NFTs in market size during 2022 to take its place alongside the likes of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.  More information on the project can be found at

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