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yellowstone volcano

A Yellowstone “super-eruption” would create a living hell

THE YELLOWSTONE Super Volcano will erupt in the future to sadly blow a hole in Ol’ Uncle Sam and, woe behold, it’s eruption is long overdue.

The massive eruption would spew ash for thousands of miles across North America, smothering crops, creating severe food shortages.

The volcanic hotspot last erupted 664,000 years ago and if it where to vent some pressure again it would be so devastating that preppers would regret spending thousands on bunkers that would be no protection against the culminating pyroclastic flows.

In September 2014, vulcanologists published in a journal called, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems the conditions that would be wrought upon the world if the Yellowstone super-eruption were to erupt.

Three feet of ash

Three feet of volcanic ash would bury the US states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado.

And splinter rock and freshly boiled glass would crush buildings and smother crops across the majority of the Midwest of the USA.

Depressingly the immediate aftermath of such a calamitous event would be to plunge the world into freezing temperatures, a world of ice, will set the world.

This would be due to the sulphur rising up and blocking out the majority of the sun’s heat.

In simple terms, all the hallmarks of a nuclear winter.

(And yes Nevada would have one too…)

So the world would become Scandinavia on steroids.

Regions in the equator, like Sicily, would export different products.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
(Credit: flickr/ Pablo? Link:
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA
(Credit: flickr/ Pablo? Link:

No more Sicilian lemons

Instead of fresh unwaxed Sicilian lemons you find in Sainsbury’s, instead you’d have freshly grown cold snowberrys from fresh-cold Sicily.

A lot of humanity may well choose to live in pre-apocalyptic built vaults, where hopefully no kind of messed up social experiments are taking place.

The people who now survive above ground would be somewhat devolved to a weird sudo-viking age meagre existence.

With only a small chance of modern technology and ideas surviving to be implemented and involved.

The Fallout Effect

Or for comedic effect: you could imagine an open world survival like game where three main elements exist.

These would involve shooting, looting and junk.

Broken bugs, implemented with overly saturated god-rays, would pop up randomly.

There may be a missing sun texture, covered by an impending void in the horizon, face textures which zoom out of the faces and leave a big texture mess behind them and basically no human NPC’s.

While everybody else is either dead, a robot, your younger brother, or a stranger, or either, they are long gone, or maybe coming in an update.

Sound familiar?

Sorry Fallout fans, jokes aside, most of North America would definitely become a wasteland.

The rest of the world would remain in an eternal winter for around 80 years.

The exception would be some spots near the equator which used to have a warm climate, but after the eruption would have a climate similar to Norway.

Humanity sadly would not survive for long.

In the end there would be a good chance that humanity would be doomed.

The case for Mars

Though unless we make it to Mars and we can enjoy Elon Musk’s release of a long awaited follow up to the amazing, Harambe song.

But most geologists agree that the most likely eruption scenario in Yellowstone is a minor one leaking small lava flows.

This would also cause localised earthquakes throughout the park.

So, in the end, to avoid total annihilation, what was it Hauser said in Total Recall, “get your ass to Mars…” Very sound advice indeed.


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